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Raised Access Flooring Manufacturer, Supplier & Consultant

Cleanroom Consulting and Distribution, Inc. (CCD)

We're a Worldwide Raised Access Flooring Manufacturer & Supplier with a strong focus on North America for:

  • Aluminum Access Floor Systems to the Microelectronics, Semiconductor & Pharmaceutical Industries. 
  • Steel Access Flooring Systems to the Communications Companies, Data Centers, Commercial and Business Office Industries. 

We've been in the raised access flooring industry since 1995 servicing all the major companies across the globe. 

We also provide Consulting Services with Owners, Architects & Engineers in the design, engineering & layout stages on the requirements associated with their projects. 

We do this in an attempt to eliminate many of the RFI's and discrepancies in product and design specifications once the Construction Manager assigned to the project prepares to put it out for bid. 

We're able to do this effectively as we focus primarily on products and designs we have clear understandings of.  This specialization allows us to EMPOWER those around us with the knowledge they need to improve their designs, specifications and bid packages they put out. 

We believe your specifications should specifically define what you want or need, that it's clear and doesn't have discrepancies in different sections, which allows manufactures to propose something you don't want or need because the specification left the door open for that to happen.  Often the owner/end user doesn't even know or understand what the alternate or substitution really means to them or their facility, but we can help.   

Our services associated with the Cleanroom design requirements are geared towards the products, with a focus on the loading and design criteria for the raised access floors, building designs and seismic requirements. 

We look at what needs to be taken into consideration during the design and engineering phases associated with the site locations to help insure owners get what they need and want while complying with any local, state and international standards or guidelines.  We can also help with your walls, ceilings, plenums and fan filter requirements.

  • We provide specification assistance to architects and engineers by helping to write them for you, reviewing ones you already have and providing comments back to help clarify discrepancies or issues within them in an effort to reduce exceptions and clarifications once they're put out to bid. 
  • Our focus is to support the intent behind the design of the facility for the owner by helping to insure they get the products they want at the best available market prices.  Contact us and see what we can do for you... 



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